Welcome to TheFSCreations!

This blog is all about making things yourself, Do it yourself, Arduino tutorials, RC Quadcopters, Drone, Planes, Helicopters, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Computer, and Programming.

I am Faheem and I am from Mauritius. I am currently studying BEng(Hons) Mechatronics Engineering at the University Of Mauritius. Electronics, Robotics, Radio Controlled vehicles, and Aviation are my passions. I write this blog and make videos on Youtube to share my knowledge, experiments, and experiences about my passion. Blogging and making videos for Youtube are my hobbies. I am just a part-time blogger, Youtuber, and mobile app developer.

My Journey

TheFSCreations started back in 2015 when I started learning Programming. I started with C-Programming and gradually start learning JAVA, C++, Python, and other programming languages. I then used this knowledge to start making games and application for Android mobile phones. I am a self-taught programmer and app developer. I launched my first game in the play store which was name Save Kiwi at the end of 2016 which was not a success. I have also launched many apps and games on the play store as FSCreations. Later, I made my Youtube channel called FSCreations which is now called TheFSCreations where you can see the videos of the projects I am making. A concentrate more on Arduino based projects. When I was very young, I wanted to make my own RC Plane. However, The RC transmitter was out of my budget. I started learning Arduino and made various researches on it. Now I make my own RC transmitters and RC models which I share with you guys on this blog or on Youtube. I then started writing my blog to provide more details on the projects I make and also to share knowledge of other technologies. I hope you guys will enjoy my blog and everything I do. If you do like it, consider supporting me by liking and sharing my posts and also subscribing to my youtube channel called TheFSCreations.