Hey guys, you can check the video i recently post on youtube to make your own rc transmitter for your drone using Arduino and NRF24l01. The frame of the Transmitter is 3D printed and you can download the STL files below. Here is the picture of the Transmitter.

3D PRINTED transmitter

In this post, I will be sharing the required component links where you can buy it yourself. Make sure to buy it from the link I have shared with you in order to obtain the components quicker. You can also find the STL files below for the Remote control frame so that you can 3D print it yourself if you have a 3D printer or you can 3D print it at any local 3D printing service that you have near you. Click in the download link be flow to get the STL files.

Or download it from Thingiverse HERE,

Below, you will find all the required electrical components:

Part lists

Arduino Nano - BUY HERE 


Joystick - BUY HERE
3.3V Voltage Regulator - BUY HERE 


SKYDROID Camera(Includes Transmitter)-BUY HERE

LED (3mm) - BUY HERE

330-ohm resistor- BUY HERE 

Make sure to buy the components from the links above.

Make sure to watch the full video to make this transmitter on my youtube channel  below