Hey guys, in this post I will show you how to make the X-axis carriage for my homemade 3D printer which cost me under $100 to make. You will also find the lists of components required to make the 3D printer and also the STL files for the supports that can be 3D printed at your local 3D printing services. 

Homemade 3D printer
Homemade 3d printer

The 3D printer is a great tool for the hobbyist to design things and also for engineers to design and make things work or to make prototypes. But such a tool is not cheap in the market. The components are very cheap. But for companies who make the 3D printers cannot sell it at the cost of the company itself since the have to pay their employees who develop the firmware, design etc. So lets try making our own 3D printer.

List of components

Arduino Mega 2560 + ramp 1.4 (3d printer kit) (x1)- BUY HERE

Stepper motor( x5)- BUY HERE

Heated bed( x1)- BUY HERE

E3D V6 Hot end (x1)- BUY HERE

Bowden extruder(x1)- BUY HERE

Linear bearing, LM8UU (x7)- BUY HERE

Ball-bearing(x4)- BUY HERE

Smooth rod(4 x250mm)-BUY HERE

Lead screw (2 x 250mm)- BUY AT LOCAL HARDWARE STORE

Aluminium extrusion 2020 (4 x 500mm)- BUY HERE

Drawer linear rail(2 x 270mm)- BUY AT LOCAL HARDWARE STORE

GT2 Pulley (20 gears, 5mm) - BUY HERE

Idle pulley- BUY HERE

Timing belt (6mm,2 meters)- BUY HERE

power supply (12V, 20A)- BUY HERE

Corner joint (x 10) - BUY HERE

Hammer head nut, M5 ( x40) -BUY HERE

Note that the total price depends on the place you live and the shipping cost. At my place, the shipping was mostly free or under $2 and the total price was $97 which is very cheap for a 3D printer. On the market, a generic 3d printer will cost more than $200 and a famous brand 3D printer will cost around $500 - $1000. if you have and old PC, u can use the power supply to power ur 3d printer and you can save $17.

Here are the STL files that you can download and print at local 3D printing services.


You can watch the tutorial to make the X- axis carriage below or on my youtube channel.