In our previous posts, we made the professional transmitter that you can CLICK HERE to check, and also the receiver which you can CLICK HERE to check it. In this post, we will test both the transmitter and receiver together with a brushless DC motor.

Here is the circuit diagram for the testing with our previously made Arduino receiver.

Transmitter and receiver testing circuit.
Transmitter and receiver testing circuit.

Note I am powering the receiver with the ESC 5V output. Nearly all ESCs come with a BEC integrated to it that provides a 5V output. So we will connect the Arduino to it.
After connecting the receiver to the 5V output, we should now connect the 7.4 V to 11.1 V battery to the ESC. So this is our setup for testing.

Before connecting the signal pin of the ESC to the receiver, we will test it using a portable oscilloscope as shown below. We can see that we are receiving the PWM signal.

You can see the link HERE if you want to buy this cheap and portable mini oscilloscope. 

Now let's connect the signal pin of the ESC to the receiver and test if our motor is running fine. You can see the testing in my youtube video which you can find below, but our transmitter and receiver are working fine.

Youtube Video

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