Hey guys, in this post I'll show you how to make an LI-ION battery pack that we have used for our Homemade professional transmitter which you can check HERE. And also I will show you how to charge the battery using BMS. Below you will find the list of components that you will need not this project.

List of components

3.7V LI-ion battery (2000 - 4000 mAH or more) x 3      LINK HERE
BMS ( 3S, 20A)                                                                LINK HERE
Boost converter                                                                 LINK HERE

Battery connection

First of all, you need to connect the battery like this. I have soldered the wires to the battery to make the connection.

Li-ion battery connections

Here is how the battery looks like after all the connections. Note that I have used tape to stick all the batteries together and also I kept the balancer wire parts.

3S, Li-ion battery with balancer
3S, Li-ion battery with balancer
To charge this battery, you need to connect the balancer wires of the battery to the BMS as shown in the circuit below.

3S Li-ion battery charger

Then you need to connect a boost converter to the input of the BMS to boost the voltage to 12.6 V as the BMS works with this voltage. If you have a 9 - 12 V charger adapter, make sure to boost it to 12.6V.

This setup will protect your battery from overcharging and avoid your battery from damage.

Hope this helps you guys Enjoy!