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How to make a professional RC transmitter with Arduino (TESTING)

In our previous posts, we made the professional transmitter that you can CLICK HERE to check, and also the receiver which you can CLICK HERE to check it. In this post, we will test both the transmitter and receiver together with a brushless DC motor. Here is the circuit diagram for the testing with our previousl…

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Mini RC receiver programming

Hey guys, here you can find the receiver code and also the transmitter code I have used in my project of the mini RC receiver using Arduino. If you have not yet check it, make sure to check it HERE . You can also find the list of components and circuit diagram for this project in my previous post. Before uploadin…

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How to make a mini RC receiver using Arduino and NRF24 SMD

Hey guys, in this post we will see how to make a very small receiver that can be used to control your RC plane, drone, etc. I have made a transmitter and receiver in my previous post which you can see here or you can find it in the tab above to see all my projects. First of all, let's talk about the compon…

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