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Homemade Arduino receiver for Arduino based drone/quadcopter

Hey guys, in this tutorial I will show you how to make a receiver that we will be able to use for our Arduino based drone. You will be able to find the circuit diagram for the receiver below. In our previous posts, I showed you guys how to make a professional look PCB using the etching process and applying a UV solde…

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Homemade Arduino drone – Control system (Final)

Hey guys, in this post we will talk about the final control system of the drone we have been making. In our previous post, we made the frame of the drone. If you have not to check it yet, then make sure to check it HERE. Now, in our older post which you can visit on my full website to check, we have made some r…

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Homemade arduino drone (Finally flying)- The frame (part 1)

Hey guys, this is the final post of our homemade Arduino based drone which is very cheap to build. The full project cost less than $10. This project was very fun to make but also very frustrating when things were going wrong. I have done many testing, trial, and errors and also got it broken several times. After se…

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